2021-2022 ULB Seminar \ Colette Di Matteo

Colette Di Matteo: Historical decors and their conservation. To understand and intervene

The lectures of the Périer-D’Ieteren Foundation, organised as part of the painting and heritage conservation seminar (HAAR-B5270) of the ULB’s art history and archaeology master’s degree, will be held from 20 to 22 April 2022 on the Foundation’s premises (Rue de Livourne 41, 1050 Brussels). The opening lecture of 19 April 2022 will take place in the Dupréel hall of the ULB (Solbosch campus, building S, floor 1, access Avenue Jeanne 44, 1050 Brussels).

To register for the opening lecture, please send an email to sacha.zdanov@perier-dieteren.org no later than 11 April 2022. For the other lectures, please register no later than 16 April 2022.



Seminar 1 | Opening lecture | Tuesday 19 April | 17h-18h30

Les décors historiques et leur conservation : comprendre et intervenir

Seminar 2 | Wednesday 20 April | 16h-19h

Comprendre : documentation, outils d’analyse et leur interprétation

Seminar 3 | Thursday 21 April | 16h-19h

Le projet : choix dans les sources et la documentation, étude de cas

Seminar 4 | Friday 22 April | 16h-19h

Le chantier : étude de cas, difficulté de la prise de décision


More details on the speaker and the lectures’ contents can be found here (FR).

The opening lecture gathered about seventy participants, and each session at the Foundation about twenty participants.