2017-2019 – CeROArt online journal

CeROArt – Conservation, exhibition and restoration of artworks

The Foundation offers its support to the publication of the electronic journal, CeROArt. Founded in 2007 by Muriel Verbeeck (ESA Saint-Luc, conservation-restoration section), the French-English bilingual journal has quickly acquired an international reputation. It has been active for more than 10 years in the publication of open-access content related to conservation-restoration. Also, thanks to the free availability of its scientific content, it promotes knowledge transfer in developing countries with few resources for documentation. Mention of this journal in international meetings and the increasing number of times it is cited and referred to testify to its relevance and quality.

Link: http://journals.openedition.org/ceroart/


September 2019

The eleventh issue of the journal is available online: CeROArt, 11 (2019), Flux. LINK