2020 – APAF Senegal

2020-2022 – Providence Trees

Since 1996, the Association for the Promotion of Fertilizer Trees, Agroforestry and Forestry (APAF) has an office in Mbour, Senegal. Its aim is to plant fertilizer trees on a large scale in the damaged ecosystems of West Africa, where reforestation is a priority.
These trees help to recreate humid microclimates, slow the wind, stabilize the soil and enrich it with organic matter, thereby avoiding the use of fertilizers.
To ensure that the plantations grow well, the Périer-D’Ieteren Foundation, under the supervision of ULB-Cooperation, financed the sinking of 60 existing wells that had become unexploitable. At the same time, APAF is teaching the farmers and their families better agroforestry practices and how to add value to their land by growing market garden crops under the trees, the income from which will enable them to become more self-sufficient.