2020 – APAF Senegal

2020-2022 – APAF Senegal

Since 1996, the Association for the Promotion of Fertilizer Trees, Agroforestry and Forestry (APAF) has an office in Mbour, Senegal. Created as a partner of APAF International, the Senegalese organization likewise promotes agroforestry through the introduction of fertilizer trees in the cultivated fields of local farmers, hit hard by the degradation of natural ecosystems. Reforestation proved to play a crucial role in reversing this process of land degradation, tempering soil microclimates and enriching cultivated soils with organic matter, in order to ensure the preservation of local farms and rural villages.

Under the supervision of ULB-Cooperation and with the support of the Périer-D’Ieteren Foundation, APAF Senegal will deepen 60 wells to provide for much-needed irrigation water for the young agroforestry fields of 60 Senegalese families. Furthermore, these farming communities will be trained in more effective agroforestry techniques (improved irrigation, pruning of the fertilizer trees, etc.) as well as in better agricultural practices.



Update – March 2022
Meeting with ULB-Coopération to review the progress of the project in partnership with APAF and discuss possible continued support.