2019 – CLEAN: Combustion in Low-Emission And CO2-Neutral technologies

CLEAN: Combustion in Low-Emission and CO2-Neutral Technologies / Alessandro Parente, Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB)

Today’s world and its industries rely on combustion. To satisfy worldwide needs in energy, we need to thoroughly understand the combustion processes in order to develop new technologies that can utilise CO2-neutral or carbon-free fuels, without polluting emissions. Examples of new combustion technologies have recently been presented and implemented in real applications. Nevertheless, these new methods of low-CO2-emitting combustion are very complex and difficult to predict, making it impossible to directly transpose the solutions of one industrial configuration to another. This project aims to use the most recent technologies in computer science and digital simulation to decrypt the complex turbulent reacting flows and develop clean and efficient multifuel combustion technologies.